There are innumerable bands in the Metal scene and since the Black Metal boom in the early 90´s there has been a mass of bands with the same style of music and the same satanic or pagan image, offering the listener music from high artistic quality down to very poor and awful recordings. So why should there be another band in this mass of releases, coming from the small country of Switzerland with the fantasy name „Orizen“?

While writing this introduction I was thinking about this question and, lo and behold, I came to a result! But before I come to my conclusions let me briefly explain to you how everything started: it was in the year 2000, when I was in the tender age of 16 years, when I was spending a lot of my free time with my friends, all listening to the same type of music: Black Metal. It was the time when bands like „Dimmu Borgir“ and „Cradle of Filth“ got famous and started a new, second wave of Black Metal music. My friends and I were very interested in this „new“ music, where everything seemed to be harder, faster, darker and more mysterious than the rest of the Heavy Metal scene. So, one of our clique was already playing the guitar for maybe one year or a half and one had a bit experience in playing keyboards, until one day – while drinking a lot of beers during our long summer holidays after school – somebody came up with the glorious idea to form an own Black Metal band! Everyone was excited, but how should we form this group? Soon we found out that one guy wanted to play the drums, another guy didn´t wanted to learn an instrument, so he chose to sing, so in the end there was only one instrument left for me to play: the bass guitar. Having absolutely no clue about playing an instrument with strings I went to the next music shop and bought a bass guitar (what a time of spontaneity and innocence, haha). We soon started to rehearse and called ourselves „Exsanguis“ (Latin for „bloodless“), a name with which I came up because of my Latin lessons back at school. So this was how everything started...



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