The Path into Revelation


The Dawn of the End

Do you see the people all in fear?

do you feel the shadows coming near?

do you know it's all a hopeless fight?

do you hear the rush of the coming tide?

And when it's time do you know where you can hide?

Do you see our world falls to decay?

do you know we're going all astray?

do you feel the heat of the burning land?

do you see the chaos in which we'll end?

And when it's time are you still able to stand?

When all who you know have all gone

and you alone must carry on

when all that you have has no more worth

what is your purpose here on earth?

And if these times of darkness will come

if the moon eclipses the sun

if a tide breaks into the land

this is the dawn of the end!

© 2016 Orizen